Management of Large Condyloma Acuminata (Giant anal Warts) management by Surgical excision and fulgration

 The case with large condyloma Acuminata (Giant Anal warts) of the patient which was managed by surgical excision and fulgration. (This is part 7a of the series of management of Ano-genital warts)  warts management gaint condyloma 7a from pawanlal on Vimeo . Click here to watch this video on youtube This is part 7 of the series of management of ano-genital warts. This is a case of giant anal warts (Gaint Anal Condyloma Acuminata). Patient had history of unprotected sex 2 years back after which he started developing anal warts. He tried all sorts of home remedies, he could find on google, but none of them worked on him. Finally he sought medical advise after one and half year of the occurence of warts. By this time the warts had grown to large size and had involved whole of anal canal and surrounding area. Patient was advised medical management first, but since he was having repeated infections and bleeding and also difficulty in passing stools, it was decided to go for surgi